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White gold – rock salt from Sondershausen

Rock salt dates from the age when the first dinosaurs began to roam the earth some 230 million years ago. Deposits up to 120 m thick were left about 650 to 750 m below the town and region of Sondershausen. The rock salt extracted here today is remarkable for its extremely high purity.

The main rock salt product available from GSES is de-icing salt for winter road clearance (pursuant to DIN EN 16811-1:2016). But our rock salt is also used in industry and in animal feedstuffs.

All voids created when extracting the salt are backfilled again afterwards to prevent any damage being caused inside the mine or above ground. The process of extracting and processing the salt does not create any waste materials which would have to be dumped on the surface.

GSES has been a reliable supplier of de-icing salt for winter road clearance since 2008. There are enough deposits to last for several hundred more years at current volumes of production. We also have a few salt depots which guarantee supply security. Our distribution partner Salinity Deutschland GmbH supplies towns and municipalities, as well as road and motorway maintenance contractors.


Our distribution partner Salinity Deutschland GmbH will be happy to respond to your enquiries:

Tel.: +49 (0) 221 964 384 0
www: www.salinity-salz.de