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Glückauf Sondershausen

With its eyes fixed on the future and 125 years of mining tradition under its belt

The Glückauf works in Sondershausen are the oldest potash works in the world still to benefit from being worked. Potash used to be mined here. But today, Glückauf Sondershausen Entwicklungs- und Sicherungsgesellschaft mbH (GSES) is a modern service provider which operates in a number of mining-related fields. GSES has a workforce of about 230, and is an important employer in the region.

Rock salt mining, backfilling, and the safe disposal of industrial waste underground are some of the important services we provide here at GSES. Meanwhile, a trip to the show mine provides visitors with an immersive insight into the extraordinary world of mining.

GSES – a company with more than 125 years of mining tradition, a wealth of experience, specialist know-how in the field of mining, and a keen understanding of the challenges that lie ahead as it moves forward into the future.